Personal Training Sessions

Students may purchase personal training packages and earn physical education points for successful completion of training sessions.


  • 440 minutes = 2 PE Points
  • Points must be completed in 6 weeks. No more than 90 minutes of activity can be done on a single day and no more than 120 minutes in a week.
  • In order to receive points, you must complete an attendance card with entries for each class (name of class, date, instructor signature and number of minutes).
  • Points are not awarded for sessions purchased and not yet completed.
  • Sessions must be completed during a 6 week period.
  • Attendance card must be turned in within 1 week of completion of sessions.


  • Purchase a personal training package from the main customer service desk at the Zesiger Center or Alumni Wang Center. See the Recreational Sports web page for session options and pricing. Code for Physical Education Personal Training is "PE-PT Option."
  • Download and print the attendance card.
  • For each session completed, you must indicate the date, number of minutes, and obtain signature of the instructor. You must show the instructor your id.
  • Upon completion of the 440 minutes, submit the completed attendance card to the Physical Education Program Coordinator (W35-297U) within 1 week of completion of sessions.
  • The completed card will be reviewed and approved by the Recreation Program Director and Physical Education Office. Upon approval, physical education points will be awarded and processed.
  • Please allow 5 business days for verification and processing.