What is the Physical Education & Wellness General Institute Requirement?

How do I register for a Physical Education & Wellness course?

When are the open registration periods?

How will I know if I successfully registered for a class or was placed on the waitlist?

If I am on the waitlist should I go to class?

I know that someone cancelled their spot in class. Why didn't I receive any communication that my waitlist number changed or that I was enrolled in the course?

What else can I do in the on-line registration system besides register for a class?

I missed the PE&W registration period. How can I register for a Physical Education & Wellness class?

What if I need to drop a Physical Education & Wellness class?

How do I register for more than one Physical Education & Wellness Class?

Can I take the same class more than once and still get PE&W points for it?

The stellar site for my course says that I am "unenrolled" or "non-registered." What does this mean?

Does physical education & wellness affect my academic record?

I missed the Freshman Group Swim Test. How can I take it?

I cannot take the swim test in a mixed gender environment. How do I complete the swim test?

I cannot take a swim class in a mix gender environment. Is there an all male or all female class?

Is it possible to have privacy while changing for a swim course or the swim test?

Is it possible to wear a t-shirt and shorts, swim burka or other clothing to take the swim test or swim courses?

When are grades posted?

Why are club sports not offered for physical education & wellness points?

Why are Recreational Instructional Courses not offered for Physical Education & Wellness Points?

Is there a Physical Education & Wellness Pirate Certificate?

Can graduate students earn the Pirate Certificate?

I'm interested in taking SCUBA - what do I need to know?

Will I receive a refund if I drop my regular PE&W class?

I have registered for an Extreme PE&W course and now want to cancel, will I still be charged?

What should I wear to my Physical Education & Wellness classes?