Make-up Form

Download | Class Make Up Form (pdf)

If you are in need of making up a class you can do so by attending any of the following types of classes (if space is available)

1.) another section of your current Physical Education & Wellness class -
2.) attend Hands On CPR Training with MIT EMS*
3.) a Physical Education & Wellness class you have taken before and passed  -
4.) a Group Exercise class

  • Physical Education & Wellness Group Exercise course-
  • Recreation noon free drop in Group Exercise class-
  • Recreation Group Exercise class -   ($10 each)
      **It is recommended you reserve your spot online/Recreation app one day in advance)

Important reminders

  • All make up classes must be finished within the same quarter
  • Make up forms are to be submitted by your last class to your instructor
  • No more than 2 make up classes are permitted
  • Students must complete 11 classes in order to pass a PE&W class during Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4*
  • Students must complete 7 classes in order to pass a PE&W class during IAP*

Note: All classes have a limited capacity so plan ahead. Instructors are not required to allow you to participate if space is not available. It is recommended you do not wait until the last week to complete your make ups.

**not applicable to Extreme PE&W classes; check specific course instructions for details.

*NEW Option- effective Q2 2018/2019
Hands On CPR Training with MIT EMS

Class days: Monday and Tuesday -the last week of PE&W classes (see dates below)
Times: 5:10p - 5:50p OR 6:10p - 6:50p
Registration: Students will register the Friday before the first class via google doc. The link will be available at that time below. First come, first serve. Once registered, students will receive a reminder email prior to the class with time, location and other relevant information.
Cancelling your registration/no show: Students who cancel their registration or do not show up to class will not be allowed to sign up for CPR training for the remainder of the academic year.
Class Content: This 40 minute interactive course will cover techniques for performing Hands-Only CPR and the use of an AED- two techniques that can triple a victim's chance of survival in the event of cardiac arrest.

Limited Space Available so registration is required. Walk in's are welcome if space is available (first come, first serve).

Quarter 2 dates:
Registration opens: Friday, November 30, 2018
Class dates: December 3rd and 4th

IAP dates:
Registration opens: Friday, January 18, 2019
Class dates: January 22nd and 23rd (21st is a holiday)

Quarter 3 dates:

Registration opens: Friday, March 8, 2019
Class dates: March 11th and 12th

Quarter 4 dates:

Registration opens: Friday, May 3, 2019
Class dates: May 6th and 7th