Class of 2021

Students are expected to complete the Physical Education & Wellness (PE&W) general institute requirement by end of their second year, typically the sophomore year. If you will not complete the requirement by the end of Q4 of your second year, you must file a PE&W Plan form by April 15, 2019 showing how and when you will meet the requirement. Your plan should indicate how you intend to complete the requirement during the first semester of the following academic year. Plans will only be accepted via the on-line form.

If you do not file a plan by April 15, 2019, you will be charged a $20.00 late fee to your student account.

Once your plan has been reviewed by the Physical Education & Wellness Office, you will receive e-mail notification that your plan has been approved or amended. The e-mail notification will include any further steps that are necessary based on the status of your plan.

Early sophomores please complete a PE&W plan so you are not charged the late fee.

Follow these steps to file a plan on-line:

  • Click here to access the on-line form , enter your MIT ID number and click submit.
  • Complete the web form including current class year, expected graduation dates, your points plan and any additional notes needed and click submit. Note: Firefox is not a supported browser.
  • Once submitted, your plan will be visible on your screen to print or save for your records.
  • You will receive an automated response indicating your plan was submitted correctly and to expect a response from the PE&W office within 30 days of the submission expiration date. 
  • Once your plan has been reviewed, you will receive notification whether it was approved or amended.
  • Take necessary action on the updatd plan based on e-mail notification from the Physical Education & Wellness Office.

If you have any questions concerning the Physical Education & Wellness requirement or your record, please contact the Physical Education & Wellness Office by phone at 617-253-4291, or by email at or stop by at W35-297U.

Revised November 2018